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Why an RMR billing platform is better for your business

Updated: May 11, 2022

Why an RMR billing platform is better for your business

Being able to maintain your customers is crucial. Having them paying consistently each month is what enables your business to maintain itself and grow over time.

Having a constant flow of monthly recurring payments is what separates successful security businesses and failing ones.

Having different streams is the best way to ensure your revenue keeps growing while mitigating the eventual loss of clients that every business encounters over time.

Security businesses will often perform the installation of the systems. But not all of them will offer monitoring services on a monthly basis. Take this as a hint of a service that you should be offering in order to grow your business. Other important measures are:

- Offering repair and upgrade packages

- Automation

- Management of critical data

- Diversifying recurring monthly revenue will surely make your revenue bigger and more reliable.

With Acoba, you’re able to benefit from recurring monthly payments faster and easier than before.

Acoba offers an automated invoicing service so that your clients are billed recurringly with little effort.

The options include setting up contracts for as many clients as you’d like, and the payments will be sent to you automatically at the set timeframe (ie. End of each month). This eliminates the need for contact regarding billing entirely and lets you focus on what’s important for the business.

It also enables you to ascertain how much is the revenue per each contract.

Though recurring payments as smart solutions aren’t news in the industry, ACOBA gives you the possibility to automate the process easily.

ACOBA lets you generate contracts in only a couple of minutes, through an easy-to-use management interface. Once the contracts are set, the payments will occur exactly as intended, and all the important data will be available to import on your accounting platform.

With ACOBA, you will be able to:

1. Receive payments on the right schedule without fail

The customer will be charged and payment will occur automatically at the desired time frame, which eliminates the need for uncomfortable contact about late payments.

2. Grow your business with recurring and stable payments

Piling up on recurring payments is the most important way to increase your revenue. It also enables you to retain more clients, increase the customer’s value and predict your revenue, in order to make the right decisions regarding where you need to act to ensure the success of your business.

Having an automatic recurring revenue contract generator, it becomes very easy to scale, regardless of which service you offer. Be it monitoring, repairing, or any other revenue stream, ACOBA will enable you to create the contract and receive the recurring monthly payments in only a couple of minutes.

3. Reduce costs and time spent on invoices

All financial information is created at the moment that the automatically generated invoice gets paid, and the info becomes readily available to import on your accounting software. This eliminates the need to enter data manually.

4. Expand the payment possibilities

ACOBA can be set up for payments that will occur only once as well, so you can take advantage of this simple solution that offers benefits even if your clients aren’t billed recurringly yet.


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