I want to protect my warehouse


Security of your hangar or warehouse: an obligation

Your storage room or warehouse is a public place that many people visit: from trucks carrying packages to employees who have been given permission to enter. The idea is to help you have an overview of your merchandise, from the truck to the storage box in order to detect the slightest irregularity.

Hangars located in remote areas are often victims of intrusion. It is therefore necessary to have a security system such as connected video surveillance to reduce the risk of being attacked by burglars and to avoid corruption.

The video surveillance system also helps you find out the reasons why your goods was damaged. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to show without any problem that a case was sent in a poor condition.

Are you looking for a powerful video surveillance system? Do not panic! You can ensure the security of your warehouse (goods, storage box and trucks) thanks to our video surveillance systems.

With our alarm device installed on your Smartphone, you are immediately notified when an intrusion is detected in your warehouse. In fact, you will be able to watch the video live or receive the images by email.

Our cameras are also equipped with night vision to help you detect any suspicious movement outside of regular working hours. You thus have the choice of warning the police if the person is not authorized to enter your place.

Also, you can pair the system with a monitoring station that will take care of your day and night alarms and decide at the appropriate time when there is a danger.

Losses and risks in your store: how to overcome?

It is essential to ensure that there are no dangers around goods and people. Thus, guaranteeing the security of your packages and your goods is our priority: our service provider connects its monitoring center to your video alarm systems and supervises all your cameras against suspicious movements.

Your warehouse is the target of all avidities. Your agents also do round trips among the stored packages. Your first concern is to secure the packages of your partners. Thus, the installation of a monitoring system or video surveillance cameras in your warehouse has every reason to be. Here are some advantages of a video surveillance system:

   1 - Guarantee the safety of your agents.
   2 - Enhanced management of round trips in your warehouse.
   3 - Full shielding of your logistics center.
   4 - If you are the object of an intrusion, the monitoring of your warehouse becomes an important advantage.

   5 - Know more about the flow of packages and fight against intrusions using remote monitoring systems.



cctv cloud video surveillance

Modern video security made easy

Acoba plug and play cloud cameras are vandal-proof and fully weather-resistant. Our cameras are designed for businesses looking to transition to a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use security solution with high performance at an affordable price.

No need to buy NVRs, backup servers or gateways.


Each camera supports built-in storage, cloud storage, or both recording

Select a camera

acoba Turret Camera - plug & play camera - Night vision - IP67 - AI based intrusion detection

plug & play camera

Réf: AC-TR14-28 / AC-TR14-40

  • 2.8mm /4 mm

  • Plug & Play

  • Night vision

  • AI Based Intrusion detection

  • IP 67

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet

  • 127×97.5 (5.0” × 3.8”)

acoba Dome Camera - plug & play camera - AI based intrusion detection

plug & play camera
Réf: AC-MD14-28

  • 2.8 mm

  • Plug & Play

  • Night vision

  • AI Based Intrusion detection

  • IP66 

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet 

  • 111 × 82 (4.4” × 3.2”) 

acoba Cube Camera - plug & play camera - PIR detection

plug & play camera
Réf: AC-CB14-28

  • 2.8 mm

  • Night vision

  • Two-way audio

  • PIR detection

  • Video detection

  • WIFI

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet

  • 102.8 mm × 65.2 mm × 32.6 mm (4.1" × 2.6" × 1.3")