Plug & Play Cameras

weather resistant

vandal proof 

AI intrusion detection

Night vision

hybrid storage :

Internal storage & Cloud storage

cctv cloud video surveillance

Modern video security made easy

Acoba plug and play cloud cameras are vandal-proof and fully weather-resistant. Our cameras are designed for businesses looking to transition to a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use security solution with high performance at an affordable price.

No need to buy NVRs, backup servers or gateways.
Each camera supports built-in storage, cloud storage, or both recording

On mobile or web

Managing video surveillance cameras has never been easier.

With the mobile application or a simple web browser, you will be able to view the cameras of all your sites, search for events, manage user permissions, and much more.

acoba convergence VMS - acoba Cloud Video Surveillance solution
acoba - easy to manage mobile App- Cloud Video Surveillance solution

Hybrid video record

the best of the 2 world

When bandwidth is limited or the number of cameras is high, Acoba's hybrid cloud security system combines the best of both worlds.

ACOBA's hybrid system offers many advantages by allowing the on-board camera storage to be combined with a cloud data storage solution.

This security system offers more flexibility than purely cloud-based or purely local video surveillance systems.

Toggle local/cloud
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acoba Dome Camera - plug & play camera - AI based intrusion detection
acoba - easy to manage mobile App - Cloud Video Surveillance solution

Easy to setup

1-Plug the camera on network

2-open the mobile App

3-Scan the QR code

Done !

Scan QR code - Easy to set up - Acoba Cloud Video Surveillance

The Anti-intrusion camera

Acoba cameras have built-in and intelligence to detect intrusions.

Thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Acoba and embedded in the camera and in the Cloud, Acoba Camera can be used to detect intrusion into you business and home.

Used every day in thousands of camera, our machine learning algorithm eliminate 97% of false alarms , you only receive real intrusion alarms.

The Anti-intrusion camera - Acoba Cloud Video Surveillance

Daily use mode :

- When you leave office :


Activate the Alarm mode

- When You’re at office :


Turn off the Alarm mode

How Easy is to activate the Anti intrusion mode ?

Automatic mode :

Setup automatic

Schedule 'Turn on / Turn Off alarm' for the whole week

Easy !

How Easy is to activate the Anti intrusion mode ?

How Easy is to activate the Anti intrusion mode ?

Processeur informatique

Automatic System Updates

By deploying security enhancements and features automatically across entire fleets, always have the latest in security technology.


connect cameras to a remote security service

Remote operators will be notified in the event of an intrusion and will be able to intervene and call the police in the event of a proven intrusion. Peace of mind for your business, your employees and your assets.




You want to know how to connect cameras to monitoring station ?

You want to connect your cameras to your existing monitoring station ?

You are yourself a monitoring station and want to propose this service ? 

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Acoba Cameras can detect real intrusions in your business.
Activate or deactivate the integrated alarm system with  a smartphone.
In case of an intrusion, the remote monitoring system receives an alarm signal.
Remote monitoring station operator has a tool that allows him to deal with the alarm quickly and efficiently:
-view the alarm video clip a few seconds before the intrusion,
-see the picture taken at the time of the intrusion
-see the live video



Select a camera

acoba Turret Camera - plug & play camera - Night vision - IP67 - AI based intrusion detection

plug & play camera

Réf: AC-TR14-28 / AC-TR14-40

  • 2.8mm /4 mm

  • Plug & Play

  • Night vision

  • AI Based Intrusion detection

  • IP 67

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet

  • 127×97.5 (5.0” × 3.8”)

acoba Dome Camera - plug & play camera - AI based intrusion detection

plug & play camera
Réf: AC-MD14-28

  • 2.8 mm

  • Plug & Play

  • Night vision

  • AI Based Intrusion detection

  • IP66 

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet 

  • 111 × 82 (4.4” × 3.2”) 

acoba Cube Camera - plug & play camera - PIR detection

plug & play camera
Réf: AC-CB14-28

  • 2.8 mm

  • Night vision

  • Two-way audio

  • PIR detection

  • Video detection

  • WIFI

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet

  • 102.8 mm × 65.2 mm × 32.6 mm (4.1" × 2.6" × 1.3")