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Protect multi-site power utlities

acoba - Protect multi-site power utlities

Energy substation with thermal cameras
Temperature alert and intrusion protection

Acoba thermal cameras for Temperature alert and intrusion protection

An American electricity provider  has chosen Acoba to secure its  electrical substations.

Acoba’s Cloud and Video equipment allows you to detect intrusions with thermal cameras and control electrical transformer’s  temperature.

  ► Energy substation security  

  ► Intrusion protection  

  ► High temperature detection 

  ► Connected Cloud solution via Maverick    

  ► Thermal camera  

  ► Temperature Control 

Acoba  offers you its Cloud solution that allows the central monitoring station to receive and treat intrusion alerts.

The Maverick receives  intrusion alarms from thermal cameras and provides the central monitoring station with an alarm video clip that results few seconds before the event. The central monitoring station operator realizes a video verification and pilots the ptz dome immediately, as well as the site speaker if equipped.   

Hosted Cloud VMS is Acoba’s online tool that supervises these different sites.

Our clients don’t need their own server. Acoba’s Hosted Cloud VMS  is hosted in the cloud and allows you to interconnect all the sites without any effort.

acoba multi-site architecture- acoba Cloud Video Surveillance solution

Video verification

Mobile app

Hosted Cloud VMS

Acoba Cloud
or your Cloud


IP Camera

ACOBA Services
Hosted Cloud VMS



acoba convergence VMS - acoba Cloud Video Surveillance solution

Is a Web-based multisite application that allows you to mix between Cloud cameras / NVR / DVR / Cloud Bridges and provides you with special features for construction site surveillance.

acoba - spark cloud platform - Cloud Video Surveillance solution

A CCTV cloud platform that allows you to provide new CCTV Cloud services to your customers.

acoba Product


acoba- Maverick Cloud gateway- Cloud Video Surveillance solution

Connect analog , CVI , TVI, and Onvif IP cameras to the Cloud for recording, sending alerts and notify central monitoring stations of alarms with video verification.  

cctv cloud video surveillance

Modern video security made easy

Acoba plug and play cloud cameras are vandal-proof and fully weather-resistant. Our cameras are designed for businesses looking to transition to a cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use security solution with high performance at an affordable price.

No need to buy NVRs, backup servers or gateways.
Each camera supports built-in storage, cloud storage, or both recording


Select a camera

acoba Turret Camera - plug & play camera - Night vision - IP67 - AI based intrusion detection

plug & play camera

Réf: AC-TR14-28 / AC-TR14-40

  • 2.8mm /4 mm

  • Plug & Play

  • Night vision

  • AI Based Intrusion detection

  • IP 67

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet

  • 127×97.5 (5.0” × 3.8”)

acoba Dome Camera - plug & play camera - AI based intrusion detection

plug & play camera
Réf: AC-MD14-28

  • 2.8 mm

  • Plug & Play

  • Night vision

  • AI Based Intrusion detection

  • IP66 

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet 

  • 111 × 82 (4.4” × 3.2”) 

acoba Cube Camera - plug & play camera - PIR detection

plug & play camera
Réf: AC-CB14-28

  • 2.8 mm

  • Night vision

  • Two-way audio

  • PIR detection

  • Video detection

  • WIFI

  • Acoba Cloud

  • PoE, Ethernet

  • 102.8 mm × 65.2 mm × 32.6 mm (4.1" × 2.6" × 1.3")

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