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Develop your skills, become our partner and move your business forward. Choose one of our training courses and learn how to install and use our products.

3 reasons to join the training

By participating in a training course, you will earn::

  • In-depth knowledge of our trainers, with practical advice

  • A video kit at a reduced price

  • An expert available if you need technical support

The entire acoba team is there for you, to put its knowledge and experience at the service of your business and its training needs.

We do technical and commercial training for you

Get online live trainings suitable to your company's needs

Commercial training

1 - Learn more about acoba

2 - Learn more about acoba’s professional market

3 - Learn more about acoba’s residential  market

4 - How to sell Acoba solutions

Technical training

1 - How to manage the dashboard

2 - How to add the maverick

3 - How to connect Cloud cameras

4 - What is VMS

5 - Technical introduction to Cloud solutions

Are you an installer?

Learn how to install, configure an acoba video system

Are you a salesman?

Know how to sell our solutions?

Are you a monitoring station

Learn how video verification works

Want to host the cloud yourself?

Know how to host the SPARK Cloud platform yourself