Connect Your Existing Cameras to Cloud

acoba multi-site architecture - acoba Cloud Video Surveillance solution
Maverick Cloud Gateway
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IP Cameras

Replace your current NVR with an Acoba Gateway (Maverick) and turn your existing video surveillance system into a smart cloud platform. Compatible with ONVIF and designed to work with all models of IP cameras, ACOBA gateways allow you to connect your current cameras to the cloud effortlessly and at a lower cost. The configuration of the Maverick is plug and play.


Secure and economical video backup, full cloud, local or hybrid


Gateway Acoba (Maverick) are affordable and have built-in storage - no need to buy NVRs, backup servers. Each Maverick has built-in intelligence and supports local, cloud, or both recording

Simplified remote management


Unlimited cameras, gateways, sites and users


All intelligently managed from a single web portal

acoba - easy to manage mobile App - Cloud Video Surveillance solution
acoba convergence VMS - acoba Cloud Video Surveillance solution
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Automatic System Updates

By deploying security enhancements and features automatically across entire fleets, always have the latest in security technology.

Buffer memory - don't lose any information


The internal memory of the Maverick will keep the videos recorded in its local memory in case of internet cut.

The videos will be sent to the cloud when the internet resumes, or stored in the maverick for hybrid use.

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Connect up to 16 cameras to this small gateway!

Acoba MV16 - Maverick cloud gateway - Cloud Video Surveillance solution




  - No port forwarding
  - Auto detection camera
  - Alarm video clip
  - Audio/video live view
  - Onvif alarm signaling
  - Cloud record
  - Video-verification
  - onvif




Alarm monitoring protocols
  Azursoft, Bold,
  Generic Interface,
  Immix, Master mind,  
  SIA, Universal, ONVIF

  Power supply : 5V / 2A
  Working temperature : 0~40°C,
  Storage temperature -5~40°C