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How Video Verification Improves Security Camera Systems

Updated: May 11, 2022

How Video Verification Improves Security Camera Systems


When it comes to company security, Acoba’s video verification provides an extra degree of safety by sending alert event video clips to the tracking center along with your computer or smartphone.

For your property, a video verification service is a great choice. Acoba removes the guesswork from finding out what triggered your alert and enables you to take advantage of fast and direct dispatch of the necessary emergency responders.

Advantages FOR Buyers

If you or your team has ever been awakened in the middle of the night to react to a fake alert, you know how inconvenient it can be and how badly it can strain resources. However, alleviating this stress isn't the only advantage of video verification. Buyers may also get the following advantages by using this service:

· Minimize expenses by sending someone to check alerts after work time.

· Allow Acoba to be your ears and eyes while you sleep. We will only wake you if an alert has been confirmed by our professional dispatchers, who will have already notified the authorities by the time you are awakened.

· Assure that rescue workers are sent to a verified alert.

· Avoid having to pay penalties for fake alerts. False alarms produced by faulty equipment, human error, and natural causes are all common sources of expensive false alarms.

· When an alert has been video confirmed with proof of unauthorized activity on the property, emergency responders arrive faster. Unwanted events will be less likely to result in losses because of this.

· Use video footage as proof for court proceedings or as proof of health insurance.

· Protect staff, clients, and properties with the best available technologies.

HOW DOES IT Operate?

Alarm-Triggered Event: When an alert event activates your system, the message, and any related video footage of what caused the alert are forwarded to the control center.

The Monitoring Center has been notified, and emergency responders have been sent: The highly skilled Technicians will examine the alert notification to determine what caused the alert and will inform the relevant emergency services.

More Details are Obtained as a Result of Verification: Emergency responders place a high value on dispatches that accompany video verification. Consequently, they will be on the scene immediately, boosting the chances of an arrest and reducing disruption to your company.


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