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What’s next for Video Surveillance: Smartphone apps and cloud storage?

Updated: May 11, 2022

What’s next for Video Surveillance: Smartphone apps and cloud storage?

When talking about video surveillance, the market has changed drastically in the past few years, and the changes have not stopped yet. Data storage systems all over the world are coming up with diverse solutions to guarantee that the industries’ needs are met, especially regarding business and home surveillance. Let’s dive a little deeper into what is in it for you when you decide to take your video surveillance data to a cloud based storage system.

Cloud based services for video surveillance systems

Cloud Video Surveillance

As time goes by, people understand more and more that they are unprotected without a robust and reliable security system. The needs vary from simply being able to check a certain spot at a certain time to being able to fully extract all data from the system including motion sensors, locks and other components, in order to come up with a deeper analysis.

The times when video monitoring was considered simply a means to avoid crime are long gone. The industry as a whole is now seen as a means of guaranteeing safety and health standards are kept, as a means to prevent misconduct and many other use cases intended to improve the overall results of the businesses. It’s not surprising that given these requirements, more common systems are being left behind.

The good news is that there is a video surveillance system that serves all of the purposes mentioned above.

Storing data in the cloud is not something considered to be far in the future anymore. There are countless reasons why this shift is taking place. No matter if you deal with security monitoring or you just want to understand better the dynamics of your business, the cloud is currently the correct path for you.

Video surveillance data storage

Storing data in the cloud means that you don’t depend on local hardware that may fail you due to a large number of circumstances. Data stored in the cloud is usually redundant, which means that even if one disk fails, you’re still able to access the data from another one. This doesn’t happen when a local disk fails, and the cost for retrieving data from these is through the roof. It is also an option to use both as a means of also preserving data locally if that’s in your best interest.

Increased security

Having your surveillance data sent to the cloud makes it more secure. You don’t need to port-forward and all maintenance is carried by the service you hired. This means that the systems will always be at their most recent and upgraded versions at all times, saving you the time and hassle to update the systems on your own. ensuring your video surveillance system is always up to date and thus alleviating further security concerns.

Flexibility & scalability

When starting out it can be difficult to understand your needs in terms of size and speed of the reading and writing operations regarding video surveillance systems data storage. Cloud systems offer you the options to change the available options as you go, so if you made a mistake and need more storage now, you won’t be stuck with the same system or need to buy a new one. This means that the scalability and flexibility are a huge plus.

The fact that companies offer these services to a number of clients means that the costs are reduced when in comparison with a local storage system.

Mobile app for video surveillance

Nowadays, mobile phones have taken over the world and people use them for almost everything. Having your security data on the cloud means you can easily access it from anywhere using your smartphone, everything duly secured by credentials and encryption protocols.

This effectively allows you to watch, download, share, and everything else you can do with media on your phone.

What does the future hold?

Have you made the decision to transition to the cloud yet?

If you work with security, do you intend to integrate cloud services to your business? If so, we have a partner program for installers, integrators and dealers that is free.

Do you want acoba on your dependencies? Then you’re in the right place. Start by selecting a plan and register your account to get all the benefits.


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